AAPD Featured on CNN.com

June 5, 2013 11:11 AM
 AAPD President Dr. Warren Brill along with national spokespeople Drs. Beverly Largent, Art Nowak and Kevin Donly, were all featured in aCNN.com story on baby’s teeth and how the appearance of that first baby tooth should prompt parents to schedule a dentist appointment.  The eruption of that first tooth, between the ages of 3 and 9 months, should be a signal to parents to schedule a child's first dental appointment  and one should be scheduled no later than age 1, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  During the first visit, pediatric dentists evaluate the child and ward off risks. Before a baby even arrives, pediatric dentists encourage expectant parents to get their own teeth checked. In addition, pediatricians and other health care providers are advised to tell parents the importance of wiping a newborn's mouth clean after each feeding — something that may not occur to new moms.

If you notice a white spot or discoloration on a baby tooth, "that means there could be a problem developing," says Dr. Warren Brill, and the child should see a dentist right away.

To read the story in its entirety, please go to: http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/28/health/baby-dental-health/index.html?hpt=he_c1


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