AAPD Referenced in Hinsdale Magazine Regarding A Child’s First Dental Visit

November 29, 2012 03:49 PM

National AAPD spokesperson Dr. Indru C. Punwani and AAPD members Drs. Kristin Elliot, Mira Albert and Mark Cabana are all included in a story on a child’s first dental visit. The story appears in the Health and Wellness section of Hinsdale Magazine, which was posted on November 27.

"The AAPD recommends that the child be seen by a pediatric or general dentist at the time the first tooth comes into the mouth, and no later than the child’s first birthday," AAPD national spokesperson Dr. Indru Punwani said.

While caries is declining among adults, Punwani said it is definitely an expanding problem among children—especially those at a young age, who suffer from what is termed early childhood caries, or ECC.

"Even though there has been a slowing down of tooth decay in adults due to fluoridation, dental caries in the young child—especially the pre-school child—continues to increase," he said. "ECC has been reported to be initiated within a few months after the teeth erupt, with the principal cause being putting the child to bed with a bottle containing sweetened milk, juices and other products. Parents need to know that tooth decay is a highly preventable disease if the preventive measures are initiated from the time the first baby teeth emerge into the mouth." 

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