AAPD Showcased in Healthy Kids Blog

February 20, 2014 10:04 AM

AAPD President Dr. Warren Brill was featured in a Healthy Kids blog on the Philadelphia Inquirer website describing our recent consumer campaign launch, as well as key findings from our "State of Little Teeth Report."

According to Brill:
"AAPD’s Monster-Free Mouths Movement aims to arm parents and caregivers with important tools and information to help fight the Mouth Monsters (tooth decay). And there is no doubt that help is needed: by age 5 nearly 60 percent of kids have had tooth decay. The rate of tooth decay in tots is alarming not only because it is on the rise, but it becomes harder to treat once it sets in, especially if at an early age. The good news is that this top chronic infectious disease among our nation’s children is nearly completely preventable. While most parents and caregivers are aware of the importance of brushing and flossing, it’s only part of the puzzle in preventing tooth decay.

"Parents and caregivers may wonder why it’s important to select a pediatric dentist. In fact, they are not alone: according to a recent AAPD survey more than half of parents and caregivers surveyed thought that pediatric dentists receive the same or less training than a general dentist. However, pediatric dentists actually receive an additional two to three years of specialized study beyond dental school. This extra study places an emphasis on child psychology, growth and development, and special health care needs – all areas that give pediatric dentists the unique expertise to cater to the specific needs of kids. Not surprisingly, when parents and caregivers learned about this additional training, they were nearly unanimous in stating they would likely seek out a pediatric dentist for their child."

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