Ad Council Campaign Press Coverage

August 15, 2012 10:57 AM
AAPD President Dr. Joel Berg and national spokesperson Dr. Mario Ramos participated yesterday in 37 media interviews across English and Spanish TV, radio, print and digital outlets discussing our new Ad Council Campaign. Please follow the links below to view a sampling of the English & Spanish live Satellite Media Tour clips from yesterday's media tour.
WXMI Grand Rapids (FOX) Clip
(Windows Media - - 12MB)

KUVS Sacramento (UNI) Clip
(Windows Media - - 16MB)

KBNT San Diego (UNI) Clip
(Windows Media - - 13MB)
WGHP Greensboro (FOX) Clip
(Windows Media - - 14MB)

KCRA Sacramento (MNT) Clip
(Windows Media - - 13MB)

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