Caring For Your Child’s Dental Health: Parenting Expert Rosie Pope Featured in Blog

February 18, 2014 02:22 PM
Nellie Acevedo with the blog Brooklyn Active Mama interviewed Rosie Pope about AAPD’s recently announced consumer campaign. Their discussion was continued by a Q&A. Here's an excerpt:
Advocating for children to get to the pediatric dentist is such a great cause. How did you become involved?
As a parenting expert Rosie Pope knows a lot about babies and she realized that an awful lot of people were in the same boat when it came to their children’s dental care. A lot of parents only go when there is an infection, not many go for wellness visits. 60% of kids enter Kindergarten with tooth decay. Parents should be taking their children to the dentist just like they take their kids to the doctors, it should be for wellness visits several times a year.
Parents and caregivers can go to to find tips and tools to teach their children about their teeth in a fun way, including the whimsical Mouth Monsters characters – Tartar the Terrible, Tooth D.K. and Ginger Bite-Us. The site also provides educational resources and guidance geared to help parents and caregivers better understand the importance of children’s oral health, as well as a pediatric dentist finder tool to locate a nearby primary dental care provider for their child.
The interview appeared online on February 10, 2014. To continue reading the entire interview, visit:

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