Injuries to Children’s Teeth

June 5, 2014 04:22 PM
AAPD President Dr. Ed Moody was interviewed by One Good Dad blogger, Jason Greene, re injuries to children’s teeth and solutions to these injuries.  In addition to the interview, the blogger also directs readers to our active kids/healthy teeth visual guide which lives on, and also links to

According to the article:

"I was able to interview Dr. Edward Moody, the president of the AAPD, and discussed what to do if you find yourself in this situation. Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • If a child loses a baby tooth, don’t worry too much. Take the child to the dentist to make sure it is a clean loss. Do not place the tooth back in the child’s mouth because it might harm a permanent tooth.
  • If a child chips a baby tooth, take the child to the dentist right away. There is a possibility that the tooth can be saved and a dentist will take steps to prevent a possible infection.
  • If a permanent tooth is lost, immediately place the tooth back in the socket. Timing is critical, so take the child to the dentist right away. If the tooth cannot be placed back in the socket, put the tooth in a cup of cold milk and take it with you to the dentist. If you wait too long, you run the risk of infections and future alignment problems and a root canal may be needed in the future."

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