Mentor Magazine Highlights the Career of AAPD President

December 16, 2013 03:31 PM
 Mentor Magazine featured AAPD President Warren Brill in their Closing Pitch section about his career path in pediatric dentistry. Brill discovered his passion thanks to clinicians that encouraged him to become a dentist.

"I realized that repairing the ravages of time was not nearly as satisfying as being able to help put patients on track to optimum health," Brill recalls, "so pediatrics was the obvious choice." In fact, Brill was named Pediatric Dentist of the Year by the AAPD in 2009. 

You have been involved with the academy for 20 years. In that time, which AAPD accomplishments really stand out?

Many, but the top five are that our reference manual is acknowledged as setting the standard for pediatric care; the doubling of pediatric dental residency positions over the last 20 years; our success in public education; recognition of the importance of establishing a dental home; and, most importantly, our leadership in removing access-to-care barriers for all children — especially the disadvantaged.

Mentor Magazine asked Brill what keeps him awake at night. Here is what he had to say:

I see many children with severe early childhood caries who suffer from constant pain, chronic infections and a reduced quality of life. I worry that if caregivers don't establish good health habits in children — and we can't provide adequate access to care — that our kids will not enjoy good health. The goal of a cavity-free childhood resulting in optimum growth and development must be more than just a dream.

The article was included in its November 2013 issue. To continue reading the piece in its entirety, visit


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