Mouth Monsters Featured in Dentaltown Magazine

August 12, 2014 09:51 AM
Chelsea Knorr, editor of Dentaltown Magazine, spoke with Dr. Warren A. Brill, immediate past president of the AAPD to learn more about the Monster-Free Mouths Movement -- an educational campaign that addresses the nationwide threat to children's oral health.
According to the article:
What are the Mouth Monsters? 
Brill: In late January, the AAPD announced its first-ever "State of Little Teeth Report," which underscored the significant threat that tooth decay has to the health, welfare and future of children in the U.S. And while studies show that delaying the first dental exam until the age of two or three can have an adverse impact on a child's oral health. The "State of Little Teeth Report" reveals that 40 percent of parents and caregivers surveyed wait to take their child to the dentist until after age two. To address this nation-wide threat to children's health, the AAPD launched the Monster-Free Mouths Movement, an educational campaign to arm parents and caregivers with important tools and information to help fight tooth decay, also known as the Mouth Monsters. 
How do these monsters tie into AAPD and to 
Brill: Parents and caregivers can go to to find tips and tools to teach their children about their teeth in a fun way, including the whimsical Mouth Monsters characters—Tartar the Terrible, Tooth D.K. and Ginger Bite-Us. The site also provides educational resources and guidance geared to help parents and caregivers better understand the importance of children's oral health, as well as a pediatric dentist finder tool to locate a nearby primary dental care provider for their child. 
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