Mouth Monsters: Ginger Bite-Us


May be spotted with the following accomplices: AAPD_Website_C03b_Tartar_Mini AAPD_Website_C03c_ToothDK_Mini
She may be cute, but she has quite the bad temper. She’ll kick, bite and scratch until your gums are red and inflamed. Watch out for this horrible little hothead!
Name: Ginger Bite-Us
Aliases: Gingivitis, Gum Disease
Wanted For: Making little gums hurt, bleed and swell. This villainous vixen is also notorious for inviting Tooth D.K. over to break teeth for fun.
Distinguishing Marks: Bright red gums that swell or bleed after brushing and/or flossing.
Known Habits and Hobbies: Polishing her fangs until they shine, moshing to Dental Distortion, reading and re-reading 50 Shades of Red.
If you see her: Be extra gentle when brushing and flossing and make an appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist.
Reward for catching this Mouth Monster: Happy, healthy pink gums and tooth loss prevention.