Mouth Monsters: Tartar the Terrible

May be spotted with the following accomplices: AAPD_Website_D03_GingerBiteUs_Mini AAPD_Website_C03c_ToothDK_Mini

This monster packs a mean punch. That’s because he’s working on hardening tooth buildup, which becomes far more difficult to remove than plaque.

Name: Tartar the Terrible

Aliases: Calculus, Hardened Dental Plaque

Wanted For: Harboring bacteria and breaking down tooth enamel, causing cavities and being in cahoots with his known accomplice, Tooth D.K.!

Distinguishing Marks: Yellow or brown discoloration to teeth or gums.

Known Habits and Hobbies: Working on his hard bod, watching MMA (Mouth Martial Arts) fighting on TV, hosting loud plaque parties late into the night.

If you see him: Schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist for a professional cleaning to remove him.

Reward for catching this Mouth Monster: A bright, shiny smile and cavity prevention.