Mouth Monsters: Tooth D.K.

May be spotted with the following accomplices: AAPD_Website_D03_GingerBiteUs_Mini AAPD_Website_C03b_Tartar_Mini

He’s the most fearsome of them all, causing cavities and toothaches everywhere he goes. He’s hatching an evil plan for mouth domination, one tooth at a time!

Name: Tooth D.K.

Aliases: Tooth Decay, Cavities, Dental Caries

Wanted For: Destroying your tiny one’s tooth enamel, causing toothaches and tooth loss.

Distinguishing Marks: Sore teeth and visible holes.

Known Habits and Hobbies: Dusting off his crown collection, making a list of all the awful things he wants to do when he takes over, listening to ‘Teeth Tyranny For Dummies’ book on tape.

If you see him: Use fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and book an appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist to fill the cavity.

Reward for catching this Mouth Monster: A healthy, pain-free mouth and the overall well-being of your child!