Real Simple Magazine Features AAPD President-Elect

AAPD President-Elect Dr. Edward H. Moody along with AAPD member Dr. Ruby Gelman, were featured in a Real Simple Magazine article about the things you need to know regarding tooth care for your kids.

"Whenever you go, don’t worry that your squirmy toddler won’t be able to sit still in a dentist’s chair or tolerate a stranger poking around in his mouth with metal instruments. These early visits are a lot more about talking than touching," says Ed Moody, D.D.S., the president-elect of the AAPD. The dentist will discuss your family’s dental history, demonstrate how to clean your child’s teeth, and give general tips. For instance, don’t put her to bed with a bottle of milk or juice, which can linger in the mouth all night, causing decay. Think of it like a well-child visit: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of fillings.

If a parent and caregiver is not sure how much fluoride a child should be getting, just ask the pediatric dentist. "Your dentist can help you figure out how much fluoride your children are actually getting and come up with a plan to increase it if necessary," says Moody.

The article also provides additional information on how to develop dental habits. To read the entire story, please go to:


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