What Your Pediatric Dentist Wants Parents and Caregivers to Know

October 15, 2013 03:34 PM
Jennifer Larson with DailyParent.com referenced AAPD President Dr. Warren Brill and Immediate Past-President Dr. Joel Berg about 10 things your pediatric dentist wants parents and caregivers to know. With Halloween around the corner, your children shouldn’t be afraid of visiting the dentist. The best way to spook your child’s fear of visiting the is by preparing them and letting them know what to expect. 

"If you, the parent, have any apprehension about dental visits, never pass that on to your child," says Dr. Warren Brill, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). "Always tell them that the dentist is a person who is there to help keep them healthy and make sure they have pretty teeth and a pretty smile."

Use a toothpaste with fluoride.  "Any toothpaste containing fluoride sold over the counter in the U.S. contains an effective, appropriate amount of fluoride," says Dr. Joel Berg, past-president of the AAPD. Use a lentil-size amount for a child younger than 3 years and a slightly larger amount for older kids.

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