Working Mother Magazine References AAPD Monster-Free Mouths Movement

March 13, 2014 11:19 AM
A magazine that targets women who have children under the age of 18 and focuses on topics that affect working mothers, online assistant editor Maricar Santos interviewed AAPD President Dr. Warren Brill about our recent consumer campaign.  According to the article:

Start dentist visits early on. The AAPD recommends that a child's ongoing dentist office visits begin around age 1, or after the eruption of the first tooth. Early visits allow your dentist to assess how your child's teeth are coming in and jaw is growing. Plus, you can learn how to help take care of your little one's teeth, and she can get familiar and comfortable with the dentist chair.

Use kid speak when talking about dental health. Tooth decay, gingivitis and tartar may sound like foreign words to your child, so find an alternative route to dental care discussions. An easy way is to join the Monster-Free Mouths Movement. "It’s a cute way of getting kids’ attention about what's going on in their mouths," Dr. Brill says. "We’re characterizing the germs and the bacteria in the mouth as monsters, so kids see that it’s something that shouldn’t be part of their existence." 

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