Cavities don't develop overnight. It takes weeks, months, or even years for a cavity to develop. In fact, most cavities take at least six months to form. If a cavity is caught early enough, you can actually reverse the damage to your child's teeth.

When you sleep, your body makes less saliva, so bacteria doesn't get washed away as easily. This is amplified if you don't brush your teeth before bed and allow the bacteria from your food from that day to sit unbothered on your pearly whites.

Here are some tips to keep the Mouth Monsters from invading your mouth overnight!

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6 Months to Age 2
If your baby is given a bottle when going to sleep, use NOTHING BUT WATER. Bottles containing any sugary liquids or carbohydrates - such as milk, formula or fruit juic - put teeth under attack from bacterial acid all night long.

Ages 2 to 5
Remember to brush your child's teeth at least TWICE A DAY, once in the morning and once at night. The most important time to brush your child's teeth is RIGHT BEFORE BEDTIME.

School-Age Children
When teeth are touching, it is time to BEGIN FLOSSING. Ask the pediatric dentist for tips on flossing your child's teeth. Make sure there are no leftovers in between your teeth! The Mouth Monsters love a late-night snack!

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