As we step into February, we're excited to kick off National Children's Dental Health Month, a dedicated time to raise awareness about the importance of oral health in children and encourage positive dental habits starting in childhood. 

To celebrate, the AAPD Foundation has recently awarded $1.8 million in grants to eight exceptional nonprofit clinics. These clinics are crucial in providing dental care to underserved children in their respective communities. Children living in poverty are disproportionately affected by dental issues, being twice as likely to suffer from cavities, and their dental diseases are more than twice as likely to go untreated compared to their more affluent peers. The grants provided by the AAPD Foundation will empower these clinics to expand their impact, addressing oral health disparities and providing essential care to those in need. Read the full press release. If you are inspired by the work being done by the AAPD Foundation, we encourage you to consider making a contribution. Your support will help us continue our efforts to make dental care accessible to all children!

Keep reading to enjoy a series of engaging and informative dental tips lined up just for you!

Foundation of Healthy Smiles

February may be NCDHM, but good dental care is important all year round! We're debunking a few myths surrounding pediatric dental care.


Let's Brush!

These brushing tips are simple but crucial to keep a mouth healthy. Make sure to follow them twice a day with your child to establish a healthy brushing routine early!


Taking Care of Growing Teeth

While brushing is essential to prevent cavities, there is more you can do to protect your child from decay. Take these additional steps to help your little one prevent cavities! 


From Baby Giggles to Adult Grins!

Follow this timeline to know when those baby teeth make their entrance, and when to start welcoming the grown-up pearly whites!


What's the Deal? Topics at the Dentist's Office

We're breaking down the basics on some hot topics at your pediatric dentist's office, so you can confidently navigate these discussions for your child's dental care journey.