The Mouth Monsters love the holidays more than anyone. This year, they want to share their favorite parts of the holiday with you!holiday-MouthMonsterswide-05-1024x316.jpg

It is no surprise that Ginger’s favorite holiday treat is gingerbread, and she LOVES to make gingerbread teeth, so that she can dig her own teeth into them! Ginger doesn’t trust Tooth D.K. and Tartar with the job, so she always gets a start on baking right after Thanksgiving!


Tartar’s favorite part of the holidays is watching the snow come down and cover the trees and ground. He is not a fan of shoveling the driveway, but instead he loves watching it come down while planning the best way to build his army of snowmen that he can’t wait to build. Tartar spent the holidays in Florida one year but missed the magic of a white season and made sure to come back to Chicago for all of the remaining holidays.


Tooth D.K. loves presents. He loves the entire process of buying and making gifts, wrapping them and then ripping them open when the time comes to pass gifts around! The bigger the present, the more paper to rip in his mind. He loves it so much, that sometimes Tartar and Ginger give him their gifts to open in return for Tooth D.K. doing Tartar’s share of shoveling and cleaning up the kitchen after Ginger gets done baking!


All three of the Mouth Monsters love their own parts of the holidays, but spending it together is their favorite part of all. Spending the holidays with new and old friends is what makes it all so amazing in their minds. Happy holidays to all!