The tooth fairy likes to reward children for clean, lost baby teeth in a variety of ways. Check out some fun tooth fairy traditions to try in your home!

A visit from the tooth fairy can be a fun tradition to start once your child begins to lose his or her baby teeth. Families have different traditions related to tooth fairy visits. Have you and your children ever wondered what the tooth fairy does at your friends’ houses? Here are a couple fun tooth fairy traditions:

  • Use a “tooth fairy dish” if your child is a light sleeper to leave the tooth by the child’s bed at night for the tooth fairy.
  • A sprinkling of fairy dust or glitter on the windowsill or leading up to the door shows where the tooth fairy flew in.
  • Leave a note for the tooth fairy… she might write back in 3-point font on a tiny scroll tied with floss!
  • The tooth fairy likes to give gold dollars for the cleanest and shiniest teeth because she uses them to build a big castle in the sky. It pays to brush every morning and night!
  • Instead of money, some children might find a fun toothbrush featuring their favorite cartoon character who will help remind them to keep the rest of those little teeth healthy.
  • Try attaching a doll house door to the wall next to your child’s bed so the tooth fairy knows where to fly in the room.

Losing the first baby tooth is a big deal! There are plenty of ways to celebrate reaching this big kid milestone. Something unique, such as a $2 bill or small toy is a fun way to commemorate that first tooth. Or, a small personalized tooth box is a fun and useful gift for future tooth fairy visits!

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